Team introduction


1CEOMarko Podgorsek

Marko Podgorsek is an artificial intelligence scientist, member of the Internet technology committee and founder of the European Union's FP7.

2COODiego Milner

Diego Milner Nestle Benelux, big data project manager, invents four digital patents.

3CTORichard Evans

Richard Evans is the founder and CEO of Xtreme, which serves Microsoft Azure.

Technical team

1Av.Pedro de Valdivia

Graduated from the University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science, he is good at the processing of computer big data, a senior engineer of the underlying application technology of blockchain, software development and transaction technology. He has participated in the development of the underlying system of blockchain for many projects

2Raman Bajwa

He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a PhD in Actuarial Science and Statistics. He is an early participant in the blockchain project and has a deep knowledge of consensus mechanism and smart contract technology. He has participated in the research and development of many blockchain projects.

3Franco Panza

He graduated from the University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science, and is an expert in distributed systems. He worked in RED Hat and engaged in large-scale cloud services and the design and development of distributed systems. He is a contributor to many important open source projects.

4Mohamed Ali

He graduated from MIT with a master's degree in computer science and is a senior software designer. In the field of block chain and encryption algorithm, we have 10 years' experience in designing and developing C / C program software, and have participated in many research on the bottom technology of block chain.

5Mahmood Abdulla

Graduated from the Department of computer Science, University of Toronto, he was already involved with the blockchain project as early as 12 years ago, the blockchain underlying technology researcher.

6Edder Fuentes

Master's degree in computer science from Columbia University, focusing on computer computing power, computer systems, and familiarity with data structures and algorithm depth.

Market team

1Oksana Shamber

He graduated from Cambridge university and is The head of The International Chamber of Commerce in Canada. He has a large number of fans, great popularity and influence, and has rich experience in community building, operation and management.

2Yura Voskanyan

He used to work for CJ Corp. he has strong communication skills, interview skills, and advocacy ability to maintain the community's unique views.


1Hamid Mehrabanfar

Hamid Mehrabanfar, a senior consultant and digital transformation specialist at capgemini, specialises in cryptocurrency transactions.